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  • shutterupphotography9494
    February 8, 2022 at 1:26 pm

    ouldn’t have asked for a better team!

    We came across Shutterup Photography & Films after deliberate research & it was our best decision to date for our wedding.

    Talking about the work, as they say, it, “Cheetah”
    They covered all our functions (both bride & groom’s side) so beautifully. Such amazing shots captured every bit of it with such perfection.

    The pictures turned out to be so beautiful, it’s been 8 months and we cannot stop revisiting them.

    The wedding teaser, OMG. We just don’t want it to end, not because it’s ours, but it’s so eyeing catchy & not one of those cliche ones.

    The cinematic was not less than a movie, edited so well, covered almost everything we wanted, Perfecto!

    We got our teaser and albums on time even in lockdown

    The team, I don’t think one can ever find such a humble and accommodating team easily.
    We got lucky for sure here.

    Always punctual, before the time I would say. So polite, friendly. We must agree that their team was energetic throughout our functions.

    I remember they played my favorite song to set the mood for my photoshoot on my engagement.

    they were pretty flexible and accommodating since the day we finalised. You can easily reach out to them for anything and take our words, they will address your concerns very politely. So we would suggest if you’re looking to create a memory or rather memories for a lifetime of your wedding, JUST GO FOR SHUTTERUP PHOTOGRAPHY & FILMS.

    Overall Service



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