Subscription Fee, Term and Renewal

  • Subscription Fee: In consideration for the provision of Wedlancer Services, the User shall pay Wedlancer an annual/ a monthly fee as per fees structure (the “Subscription Fee” and “Subscription”, respectively). The User may upgrade the Subscription as prescribed in the schedule of fees and charges. We reserve the right to change the Subscription Fees at any time, upon notice to the User and such change will enter into effect upon renewal. The Subscription Fee is non-cancelable and non-refundable.
  • The Subscription Fee is non-cancelable and non-refundable.
  • Payment Method: You hereby authorize us to charge the Subscription Fees, upon due date, from your Website Account’s balance or any other payment method selected by you for this purpose.
  • Subscription Term: if you register your Account on the Website any time after December 31, 2021, you are eligible to pay the Subscription Fees and your paid subscription term will start automatically.
  • Auto-Renewal: The Subscription will automatically renew for additional period to ensure that the Users do not experience any interruption, unless the User cancels its Subscription at least 15 days prior to its expiration.
  • Upgrades and Promotions: During the Subscription Term, the User may upgrade its Subscription by making such other upgrades available on the Website from time to time. After the said Subscription Upgrade, the User will be billed for the applicable increase in Subscription Fee, as may be specified by Wedlancer.
  • Discounts and Promotions: Irrespective of receiving a special discount or other promotional offer, the User acknowledges and agrees that upon renewal of its Subscription, the Subscription will renew at the full applicable Subscription Fee at the time of such renewal.
  • Taxes: The Subscription Fee is exclusive of any and all taxes (including without limitation, value added tax, sales tax, excise, goods and services tax, etc.), levies, or duties, which may be imposed with respect to these Terms.
  • Chargebacks: Any decline, chargeback or failure to collect Subscription Fee due by the User (“Chargeback”), will be deemed as a breach of Users obligations hereunder, and therefore (i) Wedlancer may deduct such amount from the User’s Account Balance; and/or (ii) Such User’s Account may be downgraded, disabled, or terminated (at Wedlancer’s sole discretion) until payment of applicable Subscription Fees in full,

including any fees and expenses incurred by us for each Chargeback is received, without derogating from any other remedy that may be applicable to Us.